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The climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro  



This trip is entirely inspired by my dog, honey. This master having stayed with me from April 1991 to Dec. 16 2008, she is still with me now and we communicate as deeply as we always did. She shows me a vision of herself looking back at me as we go up a mountain....and she nods her head to me, a cool move she developed, then looks me over and sends out, 'you gonna carry that too?...ok, then we keep trekking. And in the presence of her, a master being, her attention changes me. Her vastness leaves me nothing but truth, no where to go, nothing to be...in her stunning knowing, I become porous. And in her presence, and through her example, I am seared bare. and no other commitment will I make, be as relevant as the one I made to honey on Dec. 16, 2008......to meet every negative thought, emotion and belief of mine and clear them, to lighten my load, to feel her from the pristine consciousness of my being.

The lovely Angie with her girl, Honey.

Her death was mine too. To surrender all that I thought I was, am, all of it, was a taste she gave me.... the place we will all come to know on our deathbed, she has given me this mid life. I forever know that everything is ok. I forever know I am not alone. I forever know the magnificence of the surrendered mind. And I forever know the love between my dog and I. The best time I have is when I hear her. It is the relevance of what is left of this life. It is the clearest and best place I have ever known, this place in which honey meets me...and nothing short of this challenging task does she call forth from me. As above, so below....raising her required the same precision....and now, as mike says, our relationship is at a whole new level.

I ran into honey's acupuncturist today, Dr. Love (of course). She’s known us for years. She said she does not get many animals of this magnitude in consciousness. She looked into space and she wondered out loud, 'who was in that body?’ I smile. We talk more about her. She asks me to tell her hi.

I held her ashes tonight and I thought about the climb up the mountain. And I smile again and my body heats with emotion. A lot of work to do...but for no higher goal than to meet and clear the mind and know the peace and love that is already there. This climb is by and for honey.

I want to bring my friend mike hill up this mountain with honey and I. He was a faithful servant and student of honeys for her entire life. He received her teachings with grace, even if they were admonishing and still to this day exhibits humbleness, gentleness and gratitude for her. He grows in his wisdom and has always seen the spirit of honey, now and then. He is most observant and I rely on him to share stories back and forth of all her antics, now and then. She is the universe! (He knows what I mean)



Picture of Angie at Whipps Ledges in training for Kili
Here is Angie in training at the top of Whipps Ledges in Hinckley Ohio on a cold December day. She had all of her cold weather gear in order, and was ready for the next 9 miles we had ahead of us this day. It was a wonderful Ohio blizzard!
Angie took some time to say "Hi" to some people in the park at Barton Springs in Austin. There was plenty of activities while Angie displayed her drumming abilities.
Angie during a drum circle in Austin...
Angie the Free Spirit

Angie is the ultimate "Free Spirit." As we prepare for this journey to Africa, she continues to teach me so much about life. Angie and a sunny summer Ohio day.

Sometimes the best part of this climb is the waiting. Waiting around, enjoying the ride. Life is Grand!

Angie and Bandit on a fine Ohio summer day!
Field of Dreams

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro is as much a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. Angie studied Kundalini Yoga and has advised me on getting my mind and body into shape. Along with a new diet she has lead me to the study of Yoga, which I have been involved in now for 9 months.

Thank you to Pulse Health Studio in Brunswick for the wonderful Yoga practice. Check out their site and Yoga classes if you are in Northeast Ohio.


Let me give you my view of who Angie is. Angie is one of the most fearless humans I have ever met. She doesn't hold back. She has traveled the world extensively, she meets people, get's close to their energy, treats them with respect, is capable of putting herself in their position, and will actually try just about anything just to catch their vibe. She has just a wonderful way of looking at things and can be caught asking, "Who would you be without that thought?" She is insightful, intelligent, compassionate, adventurous and outgoing. I love that in a person, especially one I plan to climb a mountain with.



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